The Masterclass vzw was founded in 2018.

The Masterclass is a spin-off from, a state of the art sports rehab clinic.

Through our years of experience within Rev, we can build on a great know-how in the field of sports rehab. It is our passion to share that knowledge with you!
That's why we decided to start The Masterclass.

We will organise workshops and courses on sports rehab, in the broadest sense of the word. It is our mission state to invite leading experts in this field to Belgium. By analogy with the vision of Rev. we do not want to walk trodden paths. So our choice of speakers will be unconventional and willful. We hope to trigger and inspire a large group of enthusiastic therapists.

Welcome at The Masterclass! 

Leen, Frederik & David 

David Bombeke
Leen Van Damme
Frederik Adriaensens

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The Masterclass

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