Blood Flow Restriction Training


Blood Flow Restriction Training

Hours: 8 – 18hr

Coffee breaks, course material and lunch included.

We are very happy to announce the first European Course about Blood Flow Restriction Training, given by our International expert Dr. Yordan Ascanio.

Dr. Yordan has been recognized by the United States Olympic Committee for working with athletes in preparation for the 2014 National Swimming Championships and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Dr. Yordan is a Cuban native who completed a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Florida International University. He is owner of Healthy Body Physical Therapy in LakeNorman, NC where they have spearheaded Blood Flow Restriction Training for rehab and performance.

Having logged many BFR training hours with athletes, he seeks tohelp clients, trainers, coaches and clinicians on the significant impact this technologycan have. He enjoys working with all athletes and spends a lot of time helping ironman,bodybuilders and swimmers reach their full potential.

Together with SmartCuffs as a strong and reliable partner, this 1-day course is designed to tackle everything there is to know about BFR-training in REHAB & PERFORMANCE.

The +120p. Course will cover all recent developments in scientific research and will provide you with applicable rehab protocols.

Besides learning about BFR-Training, a big part about this course will be self-experiencing and testing & training with Blood Flow Restriction Training.


Course Outline:

Hour 1 - Introduction

a. What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

b. Why would a clinician use BFR - Increase

Strength/Hypertrophy/Cardiovascular function in a rehab setting

c. Why would a fitness fanatic use BFR - Increase

Strength/hypertrophy/Recovery/cardio - in a gym/crossfit setting

d. Case Studies

Hour 2 - The Science Behind BFR Training

Hour 3 - How Does BFR Work?

Hour 4 - Who benefits from BFR?

a. Who should avoid BFR?

a. Indications/Contraindications

b. Programming BFR Training

c. High intensity Training (def.)

d. Low Intensity Training (def.)

e. Establishing a 1RM using a 10RM test


f. Reps and Sets and total volume

Hour 5 - Using BFR Cuffs

a. Compression Scale -

b. Pneumatic Compression Scale

c. Upper Extremity Application - Zone

i. radial pulse

d. Lower Extremity Application - Zone

i. posterior tibialis pulse

Lunch (after Hour 5): 1 hour

Hour 6 - Upper Extremity Exercises

Hour 7 - Lower Extremity Exercises

Hour 8 - Using BFR for recovery

Hour 9 - Using BFR for increasing Aerobic Capacity


DATES: 25th January 2020 | 8.00h - 18.00h

PRICE: €280 Excl.BTW


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